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New Google Local Services Ads For Real Estate Agents That Helps Consumers Quickly and easily Discover, Connect With, and Hire A Real Estate Professional Like You With Complete Confidence.

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How Leads Work

It’s a new advertising platform that helps consumers quickly and easily discover, connect with, and hire a real estate professional like you with complete confidence.

Here’s how it works:

  • Be seen at the top of the Google
  • Build trust with the Google Guaranteed badge
  • Only pay for the leads
  • Per Lead Cost $20-$30, depends on area
  • Have people connect you instead of you contacting them
  • You set an average weekly budget based on the average number of leads you want to receive in any given week.
  • You set your bidding mode for the max you’re willing to pay for a lead.
  • You may sometimes spend more on leads than your average weekly budget in a given week, but you’ll never spend more than your monthly max, which is your average weekly budget multiplied by the average number of weeks in a month. 
  • You can immediately dispute leads that you believe aren’t valid. Successfully disputed leads are later credited back to you (US and Canada only). 
Confirmed Leads
Google Screened

How You Are Charged

  • You are charged for each valid lead you receive through your Local Services ad. Lead prices may vary depending on your location,  but each lead received will count towards your budget.
  • Once you’ve hit your monthly max, your ad will no longer appear for the remainder of the month unless you adjust your budget.
  • You can view how much you’ve been charged for your leads by going to the Billing menu in your leads inbox.
  • Billing for Local Services Ads is managed by Google Ads. Any suspension in your Google Ads account will also suspend your Local Services Ads.
  • Note: Message leads are currently priced at 50% of the corresponding phone lead. Booking leads are currently charged at the same rate as phone leads. Message and booking leads are currently only available in the U.S. and Canada.

Valid leads

Valid leads can occur in the following situations when customers find your Local Real Estate Services ad on Google:

  • You receive a text message or email from the customer (US and Canada only).
  • You receive a voicemail from the customer.
  • You answer a phone call and speak with the customer.
  • You receive a missed call (without a voicemail), and you return the customer’s message with a text message, email or call where you either speak with the customer or leave a voicemail.
  • You receive a booking request from a customer (US only).

Our Pricing To Setup Google Screen And Maintain


$499 Setup Fee
$ 99 Monthly
  • Ongoing Dynamic Bid Management and Monthly Budget Optimization
  • Recertification and documents management to keep your Google Screened Status
  • Real-time monitoring of your responsiveness to incoming leads
  • Assistance with disputing leads
  • CRM With SMS, Drip Campaign

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