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Top 10 Ways Realtors Use SMS Marketing

​The world is moving faster than ever before. The two most significant factors responsible for this are technology and globalization. Consumers are busier, more distracted, and have fewer reasons to be loyal to one brand or company over another. Real estate professionals can stand out in today’s market by using mass texting marketing tools that help them stay top of mind with their customers.
This blog post will discuss 10 ways realtors use bulk texting marketing to create a competitive advantage for themselves in the marketplace.

1. Generate More Leads

The more leads that a professional has, the better chances they have of earning a sale when it comes to real estate. The challenge lies in generating effective and promising sales opportunities from these leads. SMS marketing provides an easy way for agents such as to get their phone numbers and develop stronger connections with new clients through bulk texting to equip them with marketing tips and real estate advice.

2. Know Your Audience

One of the biggest advantages that mass texting marketing provides is immediately knowing who has seen your messages and who hasn’t. If a text message goes unopened, it makes it much easier for you to re-engage or market to that lead at a later time.

3. Stay Top of Mind with Past Clients

Did you know that bulk texting marketing is among the highest performing mobile channel? This makes it a perfect opportunity to stay top of mind with past and existing clients, as well as people with who you’ve already connected through your business.

4. Collect More Data from Customers

Another way SMS marketing is helpful to real estate professionals? It helps them collect more data about their customers – like their preferred contact methods, where they are in the home buying process. This allows agents like to create messaging that is more relevant and impactful with their current client base.

5. Make Communications Less Formal

No one likes talking or texting with a robot. Mass texting is an informal and human way to engage your leads and customers, building trust and rapport along the way.

6. Trigger Actions

SMS marketing tools allow you to trigger specific actions from users – like asking them for their preferred method of contact information. This helps realtors tailor their communication with clients based on what they know about them.

7. Track Everything

Along with triggering actions, some SMS marketing tools also provide you with some analytics to track everything – like the number of text messages sent/opened, who opened your message and when. If this data is actionable, it can be used to tailor your marketing strategy better to get the best results.

8. Simplify Your Marketing

Since SMS marketing tools send messages automatically, it doesn’t require a lot of time or effort from your end – making it a very effective way to market and grow your business. This is why most of the marketers use mobile messaging in their marketing strategy.

9. Expand Your Reach

There are over 5 billion active mobile phones globally, making an SMS marketing tool a very cost-effective way to reach a large number of people. This is especially important for real estate professionals who have a lot of competition – even just getting their message seen by one additional person can significantly impact their business. Through open house texting companies like can reach their audience and give them specific information about a specific home.

10. Increase Your Sales Conversions

Bulk texting marketing can also help you increase your sales conversions because it’s a tool built to build trust and rapport with users. Most people who receive promotional texts from companies feel more confident doing business with them.


SMS marketing is a great way to achieve a competitive advantage in the real estate industry. Since most agents already have their customer’s phone numbers, SMS marketing provides an easy and effective way of connecting with them and building trust. Mobile messaging has also been shown to perform better than emails, so it’s something you’ll want to consider if you’re looking for ways to market your real estate business.


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