Real Estate Text Messaging Scripts

In this article I am giving you real estate text messaging scripts that work. Getting leads to raise their hands via texts is as simple as asking the right questions.

Every new agent thinks they know exactly what to say to leads in text messages. Of course, when it comes to actually sending those texts—well, let’s just say I get a lot of questions about how to get leads to actually respond to those texts.

They always ask, “Why won’t these leads talk to me?”

Getting leads to raise their hands via texts is as simple as asking the right questions. In this article I am giving you real estate text messaging scripts along with follow-up emails that go along with these real estate text messaging scripts have been tried and tested over the years by our clients.

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New Lead Registration: 6-Day real estate text messaging scripts + Email Follow-up Campaign


New Lead Registration: 6-Day real estate text messaging scripts + Email Follow-up Campaign

he goal of a NEW lead campaign is the attempt to engage with a lead in one of three ways to discover their preferred method of communication as well as eliminating bad emails and phone numbers.

One benefit of starting with texts and email follow-up is that if you discover the phone number cannot receive text messages, you have it covered with the email. If the email is incorrect, you have the chance of connecting via text. Follow-up emails after your text also gives them a feeling that they have missed something. Never underestimate the power of FOMO.

Here’s the real estate text messaging scripts:

Day 1

First Text Message (Send Immediately)

Hi {lead_first_name}, this is {agent_first_name} with {site_name}, and I am looking forward to talking with you about your home search. I will try calling as soon as I can, but in the meantime, are there any homes you were wanting take a look at? {agent_first_name} {auto_login_link}

First Follow-up Email (Send 10 Minutes After First Text)

Subject: Did you get the text?

Hello {lead_first_name},

Did you receive the text we sent about your home search? Just making sure in case it didn’t come through, it was sent to {lead_phone}. Is that the best number?

We want to be your go-to resource to assist with your real estate questions. What homes are of most interest to you and how can we help?



If you haven’t heard from them yet, the next day is designed as another check-in and also telling them to check their spam. With email privacy settings constantly changing, we find a lot of emails going to spam and the leads never get them. Remember leads don’t want to be sold to—they just want to look and they hate that they have to register to do so.💡 PRO TIP: Marketing emails sometimes get through to the inbox because it is not as spammy as the property alert emails.

Day 2

First Follow-up Text Message (Send First Thing in the Morning)

Hey {lead_first_name}! It’s {agent_first_name} from {site_name}. Did you get the email of the homes we sent over? If not, check your spam folder, as they like to go there from time to time. We don’t want you to miss the new listings. Let us know if there are any homes you would like to see. {auto_login_link}

Second Follow-up Email (Send in the Afternoon)

Subject: Did you receive it?

Hi {lead_first_name},

Did you get the text about the new listings that may be going to spam? If you have not seen property alerts from us, you might want to check your spam. You can log in here {auto_login_link}.

Warmest regards,



On to day 3. Notice that we are asking the same question again, but also asking if they are the right properties. This is a way to subtly ask what they are really looking for. We just need them to raise their hand to engage in the conversation. Then we have the link to the website, which is a natural click after prodding them to think about if this is really what they’re looking for.

With the third email, we are being sensitive to their busy schedule and when we are calling. The whole goal is to find out where they are in the process, and if they can give us better time to call, we can have that conversation and find out their situation.

Day 3

Third Text Message (Send Late in the Morning)

{lead_first_name}, This is {agent_first_name} with {site_name}. Just checking in to make sure you are receiving property listings via email. Are we sending you the right properties? {agent_first_name} {auto_login_link}

Third Follow-up Email (Send in the Early Afternoon)

Subject: Are weekends better?

Hello {lead_first_name},

I understand the work week can be a bit hectic with long work days and busy evenings.

I haven’t been able to connect with you yet, so I was wondering if weekends are a better time for you to chat about your future home buying plans?

Have a great day,



Now it’s like, “OK, we have really been trying to reach you!” I really want to know your time frame, which will tell me if I don’t get a hold of you, how to rate you in the future as potential or not. And yes, mixing up the email and text a bit. Also, notice the similarity between the text to the email. We are hitting the same points in different ways.

At this point, you might also want to mix a phone call into this campaign. Remember, the goal is to get them to raise their hand. How you do it doesn’t matter.

Day 4

Email (Send Mid-morning)

Subject: A quick question about your home search…

Hello {lead_first_name},

We have been trying to reach you about your home search. How soon would you like to be in a new home?

Looking forward to connecting,



Text (Send Late Morning)

Hi {lead_first_name}. I have been trying to reach you regarding your home search. Are there any specifics you’re looking for in a home? {agent_first_name} {site_name}

And here we are on the last day of the campaign. Yes, we skipped a day and no, we are not sending a text today. Less is more. If you hit too hard in the beginning and they unsubscribe, you just chewed off your own foot. Give them space and time. Now we are asking about their future, because more than likely a new lead is really just looking for their future plans.

Day 6

Email (Send Late Morning)

Subject: Future plans for a move?

Hello {lead_first_name},

We are still trying to reach you about your home search. When would you be ready to make a move? Even if it is sometime in the future, we want to be your resource during your housing market research time. Just let us know what your future plans are and when.

Looking forward to connecting,

{agent_first_name} {agent_last_name}



Mr Anurag

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